Nov 19 2013



Things I learned from a white-bearded 61-year-old guy sitting with his camouflage backpack outside the Speedy Stop:

– When you sleep outside on the ground, it’s not the mosquitos that you have to worry about. It’s the ants.

– Cigarellos can be purchased for 99 cents per pack. Better deal than cigarettes.

– Don’t go to Tennessee.

– Prostitutes are expensive. However, if you get married, your wife will “dance naked for free.”

– Don’t go to California.

– Truckers don’t pick up hitchhikers as often as they once did.

– Squirrels pee on the area where they have buried nuts so that they’ll remember where they buried them.

– Don’t go to Louisiana.

– “I’m so broken down I don’t even know what’s wrong with me anymore.”

– Metal rods are preferable to wooden walking sticks.

– Don’t go to Mexico.

(the end)