Behold The Obambulance

Aug 04 2014



I think all of us who voted for Barack Obama now acknowledge that it was a horrible mistake. The country we once loved, the country that gave us so much, has been transformed under his authoritarian rule into a socialist dystopia. Disease-ridden immigrant children roam the suburbs. Every dime we earn is either redistributed to the feckless or used to fund Obama’s kingly lifestyle. I know this mostly from emails I’ve been forwarded but I see no reason to doubt it. The U.S.A. is O.V.E.R., folks. Roll up the flag. Close down Mount Rushmore. The dreams of our beloved founders lie in smoldering ruins.

I came across more evidence of this sad state of affairs when I was out driving recently. There, in front of me, was what passes for an ambulance under Obamacare. Yes, that’s right: they’re using rusty pickup trucks now to transport the sick and injured. While it might be hard to make out in the photo above, instead of gurneys now they’re using — get this — wheelbarrows. Notice that the IV drip is nothing more than an empty Heineken bottle and some dirty tubing. Also, if you squint, you’ll see a rat on top of the truck. Vermin! Unbelievable.

Plus, personally, I think making the general Obamacare phone number “1-800-Drop-Dead” was another poor choice on the White House’s part.

Please forward this post to all your friends, relatives, colleagues, and credulous acquaintances. Thank you and God bless “America.”

(the end)